New Playdead Game Advertised On Twitter With 15-Second Clip

A new 15-second clip on the official Playdead studio Twitter page has given us a sneak peak at a new Playdead game, though there’s no sound or title or anything that can tell us what it is beyond context clues. However, they did also include a link to their jobs page.

Even though we don’t know what the game is, it appears to be some kind of science-fiction title. The clip appears to be taking place on another planet, where once again a lone figure crosses a desolate landscape. Since there’s what looks like a lunar rover in the background, it might be a science-fiction game this time.

Playdead is known for the simplistic designs of their games, being mainly walking simulators with small bits of danger against lonely backgrounds. Their games also have very obtuse stories that you might not get on the first go.

However, the new Playdead game is different, so far; neither Inside nor Limbo, Playdead’s previous games, got any advertising on Twitter, so whatever this game is it might be bigger than either of them, even if we have no idea of what will be in it yet.

Playdead has seven job openings for this new project, including gameplay designers, graphics programmers, level artists, and visual effects artists. While they don’t go into much details about the game, it does tell us that it’s another third-person game set in a remote corner of the universe.

There are also a few bits of concept art present, including landscape shots and what look like the ruined remains of buildings, though nothing gives any indication of a story so far. We’ll probably learn more about the new Playdead game sometime later when they deicde to release a trailer, but in the meantime you can find the job openings here, if you live in Denmark.