Doom Eternal Speedrun Completes Game In Nearly 48 Minutes

A new Doom Eternal speedrun by speedrunner Distortion2 has managed to clock in what might be the best time on the game so far, with him managing to complete the whole thing in 47 minutes and 52 seconds. It’s the fastest of the multiple speedruns done so far, though it’s still not clean.

Speedrunning, obviously, is the competitive gaming sport of running through a game as fast as possible, oftentimes making use of various glitches and exploits to skip whole parts of the game. Distortion’s playthrough of Doom Eternal is like that, making use of exploits to get past certain parts.

One of them can be seen being used a few minutes into his video, where he makes use of some sort of bug to catapult himself high into the air, over a skyscraper and into the next portion of the level, where normally he would have to go through an extended combat sequence.

Many of the other Doom Eternal speedrun attempts are similarly full of exploits and glitches, but it’s likely that as people find better ways to get through the game without them, whether through skill or finding less broken ways, that for now it seems more like test runs right now.

While there’s no telling if Awesome Games Done Quick is going to be happening this year on account of the coronavirus, since it’s the biggest speedrunning convention around it’s likely that by the time it comes up the Doom Eternal speedrun scene will be far more streamlined and probably less-prone to relying on glitches.

If you want to watch Distortion2’s Doom Eternal speedrun for yourself, you can find it by following the video link here. We can probably expect a lot more speedruns like this to come out as the game gets older, and who knows how fast they’ll get in the end? Doom Eternal is available now for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.