Deceit Update 4.5.0 Is Live, Challenge System

A brand new patch released for Deceit. This patch is now available on PC (Steam). You will see that Deceit Update 4.5.0 introduces the new challenge system. Challenges are composed from a set of tasks that, when completed, allow players to earn a variety of rewards including XP & rare Emblem unlocks. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Deceit Update 4.5.0.

Challenge Slots

Starting from the moment you first play Deceit, players will unlock slots to place their challenges in. There are a total of 6 slots that one can unlock through levelling up, with the last slot being made available at level 50. In order to progress a challenge you must first activate it, putting it into an empty slot.

Players can also opt to deactivate a challenge to free up that slot back up again. Deactivating a challenge will clear any progress made on it and will return it to the set of available challenges.

Challenge Types

There are two types of challenges, single and double. Single challenges in this Deceit patch are the most basic version, simply complete the set of tasks within the challenge to earn the reward. With double challenges there’s a little more to it, tasks are split into “Innocent” and “Infected” sections. Tasks in these sections can only be progressed when you’re playing as the associated team.

Once you’ve completed the tasks under one team you’re able to hand in the challenge to earn that team’s rewards. Happen to prefer the other team’s rewards? No problem. Completing both sides of the challenge enables you to choose which set of rewards you’d prefer.

Daily Challenges

Refreshing every day at midnight UTC thanks to this Deceit patch, players will receive a collection of 8 challenges ranging from easy difficulty to very hard. These challenges are randomly generated from a set of tasks, combined to reach the required difficulty.

Provided you meet the required level, dailies can be activated from the main menu. This allows you to progress it and ensures it won’t expire. Dailies that aren’t activated will automatically expire at midnight, removing them from your list of available challenges. If you deactivate a challenge and it has passed its expiry time it will also be automatically removed.

Deceit is a first-person multiplayer, where players will wake up in a madhouse accompanied by other characters while trying to find out which users are infected by a mysterious virus. The infected will try to go unnoticed, while the others must know what to look for and where. This is developed on CryEngine 5.

Here you will find the complete list of Deceit Update 4.5.0 patch notes. I remind you that Baseline’s Deceit released on March 3, 2017 for PC.

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