Xbox Series X Has Sales Advantage In The U.S. Over Playstation 5, Says Analyst

Xbox Series X is all primed and ready to take on PlayStation 5 in the United States, a duel that many believe to be tipping in the favor of the former.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, independent industry analyst Benji-Sales stated that many people are severely underestimating how well Xbox Series X will perform in the United States. By reminding how Xbox 360 was a “monster” and how Xbox One still managed “respectable” sales in the country, he noted that the new Xbox Series X will have a distinct advantage in terms of sales. However, he also added that globally, the advantage will tip over in the favor of PlayStation 5.

He further pointed out that Halo is one of the most important Xbox brands with a great reach in the United States. Having Halo Infinite as a launch title will help give Xbox Series X a boost right at the start. That being said, there may possibly be a few heavy hitters for PlayStation 5. Sony is yet to show its cards but based on how well PlayStation 4 did in the current generation, that global recognition will likely play a vital role in the sales-war on a global scale.

Microsoft is still looking to launch Xbox Series X during the holiday season at the end of the year. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, and a recent Thanksgiving deadline, the company has stuck to the holiday 2020 timeline. However, the pandemic means that Microsoft will have to keep a wary eye out on the situation and according to some analysts, may possible move forward with a limited launch during the holiday season.