Torchlight 3’s Sharpshooter Class All About “Precision Shooting And Summoning Spirits”

Before being overhauled and renamed as Torchlight 3, Torchlight Frontiers featured three of four playable classes set aside for the eventual launch. That fourth playable class has now been officially revealed by Echtra Games.

The Sharpshooter, as the name would suggest, excels in combining ranged weapons and magical trinkets to decimate enemies from afar. The class can master both bows and guns for devastating special attacks, as well as call in ancient spirits in Torchlight 3 for a helping hand.

The Sharpshooter is cunning and willing to bend the rules in order to survive the hordes of creatures running rampant in each of the game’s diverse biomes. While exploring the different biomes featured in Torchlight 3, players can level up powerful skills that help the Sharpshooter deploy a series of dirty tricks and regenerate precious ammo.

The reveal trailer, however, has frame-rate issues; not something a developer would want to put out while promoting an unreleased game. Echtra Games has assured that a better rendering of the same trailer will be released in the next couple of days.

Torchlight 3 is currently in closed alpha where the new Sharpshooter class has been released. Perfect World is looking to release the fast-paced dungeon crawler on Steam later in the year, with console ports to follow afterwards. The developer has also posted additional details — lore, skills, concepts — on its blog for the new Sharpshooter class in case anyone is interested in reading material during these self-isolation times.

Runic Games was behind the first two installments but after shutting down in 2017, Echtra Games took over the franchise by announcing Torchlight Frontiers in 2018. Max Schaefer, one of the leads behind the original Diablo and Diablo 2 games, had a hand in finding both studios, and is still overseeing Torchlight 3. Those who were already enrolled as alpha testers for Torchlight Frontiers were shifted over to Steam to continue having access to the now retooled game but with all previous character progression erased.

Torchlight 3 aims to take the franchise “back to its roots” and hence, will feature a linear progression system, as well as other gameplay elements, similar to the first two installments. The developer has called it a “true sequel” in every manner. The real-money in-game store from Frontiers has also been removed. Frontier-specific levels, gear stats, and scaling have been removed as well. This is Torchlight as we all remember from the first two games.