PlatinumGames To Make Last ‘Platinum 4’ Announcement On April 1

PlatinumGames is all set to make the final announcement of its ‘Platinum 4’ series of announcements. The Japanese video game developer will make the fourth announcement on April 1.

Going by an update on the PlatinumGames website, PlatinumGames will reveal it’s fourth and final announcement on April 1. For those of you who don’t know, ‘Platinum 4′ is a series of announcements that the Japanese video game developer has been making.

The developer first announced the Wonderful 101: Remastered for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Along with that, the game developer even launched a Kickstarter campaign to remaster this August 2013 released, Wii U title.

The company set a goal of $250,000 for the Switch release and $500,000 for the Steam and PS4 release of the remastered version. As of right now, the funding has well surpassed the campaigns’ set goals. Thus the remastered version will be released on all there aforementioned platforms.

Secondly, PlatinumGames released a trailer for its first fully-owned title called Project G.G. The company’s director Hideki Kamiya will be publishing this game. Though the platforms and genre of the game are still yet to be determined.

PlatinumGames made the third announcement by revealing its newly established Tokyo Studio. This will the company’s first development center excluding its main office in Osaka. PlatinumGames Tokyo will officially be operational in April and is recruiting staff at the moment.

Now here we are waiting for the fourth and final ‘Platinum 4’ announcement. Fans are speculating that PlantinumGames may make an April Fools joke through the next reveal. Jokes aside, could it actually be a Scalebound announcement?

The Japanese video game developer has certainly expressed interest in finishing Scalebound. Though Atsushi Inaba from PlatinumGames stated that it was up to Microsoft as the property completely belonged to the tech giant.

Some people argued that a Bayonetta 3 announcement is coming our way. Though PlatinumGames has provided nothing but assurances of the Bayonetta 3 development going smoothly. However, we did recently find out that the Japanese game developer intends to use an in-house engine for Bayonetta 3 called the “PlatinumEngine”.

Fans will have to wait until April 1 to see what final ace PlatinumGames has under its sleeve.