Manhunt 3 Website Update Might Point To New Game From Rockstar Games

A recent update to the Manhunt 3 website might point to us getting a new entry in the controversial series from Rockstar Games. While nothing’s confirmed yet, this is the second website update in as many days for a Rockstar property, so something is definitely going on right now at Rockstar.

The Manhunt games were a pair of stealth/psychological horror games where you played the role of certain people that were forced into situations where they must kill to survive. The appeal (if you can call it that) of the games was their brutal and violent executions, which also made the games highly controversial.

However, despite the controversy, the past two games had previously been updated and added to the Playstation Store, so there may yet be a market for a third game if Rockstar can make it appeal enough to their other fanbases.

Manhunt 2 was so controversial in fact that several countries refused to rate it or put it in stores until Rockstar released a heavily censored version. Considering the graphic content of many games these days, only time will tell if Manhunt 3 will get a more positive reception.

It seems that, along with the update to the Grand Theft Auto 6 website yesterday, Rockstar is finally breaking out of the Grand Theft Auto 5 mold and is beginning to develop more games beyond last year’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Manhunt 3, however, is definitely a surprise.

With how controversial the games were (including the fact that the original was blamed for at least one murder after its release), there’s no telling what Rockstar plans to do with the franchise. However, the Manhunt 3 website being updated does point to something being done with the series.

Even if the Manhunt 3 website got updated, however, it mainly still got lost in the scrum amidst all of the Grand Theft Auto news yesterday, so who knows if a third entry in such a controversial series will even sell well? But, with the reputation the games have gotten, we may be surprised.

There’s no telling when Manhunt 3 will come out or what platforms it will be on, but hopefully it won’t be left too far behind by GTA.