How to Get 5-Star Island Rating in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In this guide we will discuss how you would be able to get a 5-star rating for your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons and in case you have a lower rating, you can learn how to improve and if you already have 5-star rating this guide will help you learn how to maintain it.

How to Get 5-Star Island Rating in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Following are the main points that determine or improve the rating of your Island:

  • Have the maximum number of villagers.
  • Add more shops to your island and upgrade the existing ones.
  • Increase number of flowers and decorations such as fences to a certain number
  • Trees should also be within a certain amount.
  • Improve furniture placement
  • Clear out weeds

So in order to get a five-star rating, all you have to do is follow the above-written steps and design your island in the manner.

How you place your furniture is very important when we talk about your island rating. Isabelle will give you tips on how to evenly distribute your furniture to improve its placement. The best numbers we would suggest is to have around

  • 60-65 DIY furniture
  • 200+ fences
  • A combination of furniture purchased from Miles and Bells at Nook’s Cranny. You will have to figure out the best number for these after some testing

Your personally gathered furniture gives an overall good impression of your island to your visitors and if you place fences strategically the placement will look neat. A balanced ratio of fences, DIY and vendor furniture would the root cause of your rating.

Trees are not the most important thing when shooting for a 5 star but you still need some of them in there. If you cut down too many trees your rating will fall but planting too many trees won’t help it either. Figure out the right balance of vegetation on your island to help secure that rating.

Easy Items
Your rating will not increase if you only keep using expensive and rare materials for furniture on your island. So even if you use weed or rock-based furniture your rating will still increase. So the more ‘expensive’ isn’t necessarily better. Since a lot of the rating stuff will require some testing, it is a good idea to invest in some cheap furniture you can build with throwaway items like weeds on your island.

To ensure a successful and 5-star island paradise, you need to make sure its residents have enough facilities. For that reason, make sure you build all the shops and upgrade them whenever possible. If you see a visiting merchant, make sure you talk to them and trade with them till eventually, they like the island so much that they will want to open up a shop there.

Keep doing this and expanding the economy of your island to improve its rating and try to reach that 5-star.

If you are able to raise your island rating to 5 stars then your reward will be the recipe for a Golden Watering Can, given to you by Isabelle. Similarly, you can get Lillies of the Valley as rewards. These are very rare flowers and will only bloom if your island has a 5-star rating.