How to Attack and Use Abilities in Bleeding Edge

A new addition to the competitive and brawl games is the new Bleeding Edge game. In this guide, we will go over the combat in the game and show you How to Attack and Use Abilities in Bleeding Edge.

Bleeding Edge has a special focus on melee attacks playing style and if you know how to street fight then it will be the main difference between defeat and victory. You can also say it is a simple version of Devil May Cry as it has simpler combos and many powerful special attacks to assist players. Mastering special attacks will be a very important factor in mastering the overall game.

How to Attack and Use Abilities in Bleeding Edge

So the start is pretty simple as all the characters in the game have a basic attack to start with that is mapped on button X/Left Mouse, also melee attackers will have a combo that they can pull off with this one by pressing the attack button multiple times, but keep in mind that this combo can be interrupted by an enemy attack.

Some characters can also do special attacks by holding this attack button like Buttercup, so we recommend you that you must have a look at ability sheet before choosing your character.

In case of ranged characters, they will attack the closest enemy when attack button is pressed, and there are different ranges to different characters.

Now other than basic attacks are special powers, which are much more powerful attacks and these attacks also need to cool down after use and there are three assigned special attacks for each character in Bleeding Edge. They are mapped as Right Bumper, Y and B buttons or Q, E keys and right mouse button.

In abilities there are some things you need to keep in mind, if the ability icon has this circle with arrows around it then that means this ability is a targeted attack and has to be aimed on sight.

You can aim by holding down the ability button and drag your mouse to the target area or by locking in on the target with your middle mouse button or left trigger and then flinging it to their location. This aimed target can be cancelled by pressing down on D-Pad or left button on keyboard.

Another ability that has two bars below the icon means that you can cast it on either yourself or on your teammate. If you press the button once it will be placed on your teammate (the one you aim at), or if you double-tap then it will be casted on yourself. If you are downed there is another Get Up attack that you can pull off by pressing X or left mouse button, but keep in mind that you will be at the risk of getting hit again.

These are the basic attacks and powers in Bleeding Edge that can be used in combat. But there is one more thing that you need to0 keep in mind.

Super Abilities
Like any game with heroes, they must have a superpower or a game-changing ability, Bleeding Edge also provides that to it’s characters and players with this special ability called Super.

Every character in BE is equipped with two supers and they can use one at a time only. They are the one like, extra damage, increased life-leach, crowd control stuns and so on.

You need to keep an eye on your opposition and choose a super that best counter your opposition’s attacks and abilities. You can also change your super at any time from character select screen by pressing H or up on D-pad.

Supers need to be charged before they can be used again and they area charged when you deal damage to enemies and by healing a support character or just over time.

If you want to use it sooner you need to be more and more active in the game and your proactivity will charge the super much faster. Now when your super is charged, you can use it by going to that super icon on the right of HUD that is pulsing with flames, click R or let6 bumper to activate the super.

Keep in mind that you will remain in the game while activating and can also die while activating it so be careful, this does not imply to all characters but if it is otherwise it will be mentioned like El Bastardo’s Unbreakable. Also if you die activating your super you will not get it back after respawn and you will have to earn it again.