Deep Rock Galactic Update 29 Is Out, The End of the Beginning

Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic has received a brand new patch. This patch is now available on PC (Steam). You will find that Deep Rock Galactic Update 29 is a major patch, as they improved the first experience new Greenbeards will encounter; and there is also goodies for veteran players, such as Armors finally being able to get new Paintjobs, and an all-new Miner’s Manual.

This is an attractive action and exploration proposal with a nice science fiction backdrop. The game is mainly focused on cooperative gameplay as a first-person shooter. With a major emphasis on teamwork, and with several class options to choose from, this game offers procedurally generated worlds and with enormous possibilities of destruction. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Deep Rock Galactic Update 29.

Pickaxe Customization

Every miner needs a pickaxe, but no two pickaxes need to look the same! Find and unlock new parts to customize each of the six different sections of your pickaxe, not to mention a handful of brand new Paintjobs for it as well. Crack those rocks in style!

Miner’s Manual

Missions, Crafting Resources, Damage Types, Weapon Mods… There are so many systems in Deep Rock Galactic! It can be overwhelming at first. We collected as much information as we could and created a ton of new infographics to make a guide. Hopefully this will help during the first few hours of the game. There might even be some details veteran miners didn’t know.

Improved Tutorial

Mining is way more fun once you know the basics. There is now a brand-new and more streamlined Tutorial with clear instructions and tasks thanks to The End of the Beginning update. Let’s get the Greenbeards up to speed as soon as possible, Management wants to see that ore flowing!

Escape-Menu Overhaul

With the inclusion of the Deep Rock Galactic Miner’s Manual, we decided to redo the whole Escape menu. The main tab is the Status, where you can read all the information about your current Mission, Loadout, and Team. Many of the items link directly to the Miner’s Manual, so you can learn more about, for instance, the current Mission Warning Mutator with just one click.

Armor Paintjobs

All the in-game Armor Sets have received the same split between Frameworks and Paintjobs that weapons got recently. Several brand new Armor Paintjobs can be found in the Lost Pack Encounters in this The End of the Beginning update, with more to come further down the line.

Want more deets regarding this patch? Here you will find the complete list of all Deep Rock Galactic Update 29 patch notes. I remind you that Ghost Ship Games’ Deep Rock Galactic released for PC in early access and Xbox One Preview on February 28, 2018.