Dambuster Still Working On Next Dead Island Game Despite Quarantine

Even though they’re being forced to work from home because of the coronavirus, Dambuster Studios is still working on the next Dead Island game, according to a recent tweet on their official account. Since Dead Island 2 still has yet to come out, hopefully we’ll see something concrete about it soon.

Considering Dead Island 2 has been in development for years and gone through multiple studios to develop it, Dambuster still working on it even though the coronavirus quarantine is a good omen for it, though since we still haven’t seen any gameplay from it who knows how it will actually be.

The game’s reveal trailer first came out in 2014 at that year’s E3, alongside Crackdown 3, another game that went through several developers and delays before finally getting released to mediocre reviews. The risk of the same thing happening also hangs over Dead Island 2, especially since the original Dead Island got mixed reviews.

While the first Dead Island did get an expansion in the form of Riptide, along with an Xbox Arcade title Escape from Dead Island, the series’ performance has been spotty in general despite making waves with its debut trailer, but hopefully the next Dead Island game can turn it around.

However, at the same time, Dead Island 2 will have to work hard to impress people who remember the original game. We’ve only seen a single trailer from it and no gameplay or even screenshots due to how many different studios have worked on the game, so hopefully Dambuster can get to that point in development.

While the studio won’t have a chance to show off what they’ve worked on this year because of E3 2020 and many other video game-related events, with luck whenever they finally get it into a released state it will be able to do what Crackdown didn’t and actually make it worth the wait.