Bleeding Edge Tips and Tricks

This guide will give you everything you need to know about Bleeding Edge and have the edge over the rest of the competition. Follow these Bleeding Edge Tips and Tricks to learn the basics and dominate the competition.

Bleeding Edge Tips and Tricks

The game is easy to get into but make no doubt it is pretty hard to master, so ease yourself into it, choose your play style and then keep on developing it. Changing and adjusting to different enemy types, having quick reflexes is key to Bleeding Edge gameplay.

You can play different characters, each have their own set of abilities that you can use and there uniqueness is what sets them apart. Not all characters will focus on combat as there are supports and healers as well, but this is basic knowledge that everyone should have.

In a team fight, always remember to gun for the supports first, why because you may find the tanks and the offensive characters more intimidating and you would want to take them out first.

It is imperative to see the supports lurking behind the characters as your efforts may be rendered useless if the supports heal their player of all the damage or stun you making you easy prey for their team.

Another important feature of combat is parrying, most characters can do it and it serves to change focus of combat enabling you to deflect otherwise fateful attacks. Parrying all depends on timing and may even push you out on top even in a 1 v 2 situation.

Always remember there is no shame in learning and training, although not actually playing a match and spending that time in the game’s dojo learning mechanics and practicing may sound dull, the truth is it will enable you to sharpen your skills and make you avoid making mistakes in actual matches.

You get chips for your characters that boost one or another stat of your characters, this could boost your basic attack or give you increased healing. Remember to select these based on your character, playstyle and what the other team characters are playing as.

Team Battles
Bleeding edge is a team battle multiplayer, hence team work is an important factor of a match. Communication is key, choose characters that complement each other, stay together, keep in contact and use your mic.

Remember even if you don’t work as a team the other team will not do the same, solo players are singled out and ambushed or picked off one by one and that’s how you lose matches. Playing with friends is best, otherwise the game picks random players for your squad.

Even with random players, quickly adjust stay friendly and no mutinies or in fighting. Check-in with your teammates, mark the area you want to go to or warn your teammates if you spot the enemy, keep this network going so that you or your team may not be caught off guard.

It’s good to have a favorite character and be good with them, but bleeding edge demands you know more than one characters because often your chosen one might just not work against the other team or your combos prove ineffective.

The game allows changing characters between matches, use this feature to the full and avoid predictability and sometimes it is just needed to balance your team out, after all of you can’t be tanks.

Some have to be supports, rushers and offensive attackers. And learn which characters work well with whom, some abilities of yours may complement the abilities of another, know when to use what skill.

Creativity matters lot here the game may have limited the skill set to each character but the ways to use them are numerous, hence we say again hit the dojo and Get GOOD.