New Final Fantasy VII Remake Video Explains Changes From The Original Game

Square Enix just released the second episode of ‘Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake’. In this episode, the team behind the project discusses the deviations they took from the original game.

Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake is a series of videos that gives us an in-depth look at the upcoming project. The first episode was more focused on exploring the inspiration that led to developing this remake. This time around, game producer Yoshinori Kitase and others discuss how the remake will be different from the original title.

The second episode of the series is called “Story and Characters”. Producer Yoshinori Kitase along with Kazushige Nojima (Story and Scenario) and Motoru Toriyama (Co-director of scenario design) appear in the interview. The team discusses the intentions behind changing the scenes in the upcoming project.

Kitase states that he played the original game recently which took him 7 to 8 hours to finish without side missions. According to him:

Surprisingly, the story in that Midgar is less than i thought. As i was thinking, now( in the remake) i am going to dig deeper (into the world of midgar).

According to Nojima, the FFVII Remake will explore the inner personality of Cloud more deeply. This time around, bruises will actually look like they hurt. Cloud will seem more relatable rather than just a cool looking protagonist with a big sword.

Tifa is a childhood friend of Cloud and they will fight together in the remake. When talking about the character of Tifa, Moturu Toriyama said:

I’m worried whether violence is a good thing. I’ve been trying to make a new remake by showing delicate parts, such as those that have changed due to the appearance of my childhood cloud, with voice acting and slight expressions.

The character of Aerith Gainsborough will meet Cloud as a girl selling flowers. Toriyama talks about the hidden settings related to Aerith:

In fact, this remake includes a very hidden new setting. If you don’t know, you don’t know it, it looks like Aeris seems to be English

The video gives much more detailed information regarding the characters in the upcoming title. You can check the video out if you want to learn more about the project.

A Final Fantasy VII Remake demo was released earlier this month which gave fans a taste of what’s to come. Square Enix took special care as to not spoil the game through the demo.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to arrive on April 10, 2020, on the PlayStation 4.