Hades Patch 043 Released, Various Improvements

A brand new patch released for Hades. Supergiant’s latest update is available on Steam. With Hades Patch 043, following this month’s Nighty Night Update, this contains more localized text and improvements. Something else that really stands out is that they made minor fixes and improvements to various chambers. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding Hades Patch 043.

  • ‘Trial of the Gods’: reduced move speed penalty applied by Demeter’s attack if you spurn her
  • Splitter: will not retreat as far onto magma pools; reverted change from last patch that made them less likely to retreat (this had some negative side effects we expect to address in a future update)
  • Tiny Vermin: fixes and tuning to some behaviors of this recently-added Temple of Styx mini-boss
  • Companion Rib (Skelly): increased health for summoned companion
  • Minor fixes and improvements to various chambers
  • Updated visual for the Permanent Record object in the Admin Chamber
  • Improved look of the defensive aura expiring with the Stygian Blade (Arthur Aspect)
  • Other minor fixes and improvements thanks to this Hades update.
  • Added sound effects for shades pleading their cases to Lord Hades
  • Updated sound effects for recently-updated ‘There Is No Escape’ and ‘Boss Vanquished’ messages
  • Updated sound for Ice Wine (Demeter x Dionysus)
  • Updated ambient sound in the Admin Chamber
  • Updated ambient sound during Remembrance sequences
  • Other minor changes and improvements
  • Extended Affinity Gauge for Aphrodite (you can give her more gifts)
  • Primordial Chaos now sometimes speaks via the Shield of Chaos (Chaos Aspect) after a certain point…
  • Added more contextual voice lines for the Permanent Record and Security Log screens thanks to this Hades patch.
  • Reduced the requirement for the newer Flashback Sequence (it can occur sooner than before)
  • Adjustment some Inspect Points in the newer Flashback Sequence
  • Fixed scripting issues with the recently added subplot between Nyx and Dusa
  • Fixed some losing-streak events for certain bosses playing too infrequently if you met the requirements
  • Fixed Lord Hades judgment voice lines conflicting with his House Contractor purchase voice lines
  • Fixed Hypnos consolation event for dying to the effects of Tight Deadline (Pact) not playing
  • Other minor fixes and tuning to various events

Hades is a video game by the authors of Bastion and Transistor. It is a roguelike action adventure set in Greek mythology. Your goal? Escape from the Underworld fighting the monsters commanded by the god of death. In this Supergiant video game, you can make use of special abilities by the gods of Olympus.

Here you will find the complete list of Hades Patch 043 patch notes. I remind you that Supergiant Games’ Hades released as an early access title on Dec 10, 2019, and is expected to get a final release in Q3/Q4 2020.