Comet Lake-H Asus Laptops With RTX 2080 Super Surface

As we know 2020 promises a lot of high-end notebooks. While Asus showed off its Ryzen 4000 based TUF series notebooks, Comet Lake-H Asus laptops with RTX 2080 Super surfaced recently. These new Comet Lake-H Asus laptops might release next week.

This may be the case because Asus itself has kind of confirmed the laptop specs and its release.  A similar configuration with a  Comet Lake-H CPU and RTX Super GPU  did pop up on the 3DMark benchmark tests. _Rogame always being the first to spot such news, however, his twitter post is unavailable. Though we still manage to get the numbers on both the specifications and the benchmark tests.

The configuration listed an 8gb RTX 2080 Super with memory frequencies running up to 1365MHz. The CPU side consists of a Core i9-10880H which packs 8 cores with hyperthreading giving out 2.3Ghz idle and a 5.0Ghz boost clock. Comet Lake-H is an upgraded version of the Coffee Lake-H. They both fall in Intel’s 14nm process.

According to rumors, there are most likely 5 chips that will release this year. Three of these chips will be Core i5s and the other two will be Core i9 CPUs. The top model among the Core i9 CPUs will manage to boost up to 5.3GHz. The new lineup is expected to release on the 2nd of April and will hit the shelves on the 15th of April.

The following benchmark scores show both an RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 notebook configurations in 3dMark 11, Fire Strike and Time Spy.

RTX 2080 Super (Notebook) > 1365MHz base clock > 8GB 14Gbps GDDR6 > 150W TDP
Time Spy: 9861
Fire Strike: 24113
3dmark 11: 32821

RTX 2070 Super (Notebook) > 1140MHz base clock > 8GB 14Gbps GDDR6 > 115W TDP
Time Spy: 8337
Fire Strike: 20760
3dmark 11: 27765

RTX 2080 Super Max-Q > 735MHz base clock > 8GB 11Gbps GDDR6 > 80W TDP
Time Spy: 7938
Fire Strike: 18871
3dmark 11: 25712

RTX 2070 Super Max-Q > 900MHz base clock > 8GB 11Gbps GDDR6 > 80W TDP
Time Spy: 7336
3dmark 11: 22639

While we saw Intel exchange blows with the Ryzen 7 4000 lineup, it wasn’t falling behind by a huge fraction. Intel notebooks seem just as impressive as Ryzen thanks to the RTX combination. The fans are still loyal to team Blue and the future remains exciting for them as their Tiger Lake-U lineup is yet to release, you can read more on this over here.

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