STALKER 2 Screenshot Posted To Official STALKER Twitter Account

It’s been many years since we’ve had a game in the STALKER series, the survival horror first person shooter whose last game, Call of Pripyat, came out 12 years ago. However, developer GSC Game World has given us our first look at the revamped Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in a new STALKER 2 screenshot.

The screenshot, which mainly focuses on a group of rusting cars in a forest clearing, looks amazing, especially the gravitational anomaly that is also present in the screenshot. Such anomalies are only one of the many different dangers in the Exclusion Zone.

Since it’s been 12 years since we’ve had a STALKER game, any show of progress is a big deal, especially for any fans of the franchise. STALKER 2 is supposed to be released sometime next year, and since we’re getting STALKER 2 screenshots a year out it seems progress is going well.

Even though we’ve seen nothing else about STALKER 2 yet, we can likely expect the Zone to be even more horrific than before, with any number of new monsters, hazards, dangers, and factions being added into whatever twisted story the new game will inflict on unsuspecting scavengers.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more screenshots from STALKER 2 on that Twitter in the future, along with the possibility of trailers and gameplay videos. While that might be more difficult because of the coronavirus either cancelling or delaying many gaming events, hopefully that won’t stop GSC Game World.

While we don’t have a concrete release date for STALKER 2, hopefully the STALKER 2 screenshot being posted is a good indicator that we’ll be seeing more stuff about the game soon, and maybe even a release date at some point in the future. But in the meantime we’ll just have to keep an eye on the Twitter page to see if anything else new about the exclusion zone gets posted.