PlayStation 5 Will Directly Boot You Into In-Game Locations According To Sony Patent

A new Sony Interactive Entertainment patent reveals that the company is trying to make the PlayStation 5 boot times even faster. Though the SSD speed of the PlayStation 5 is lightning fast, this new feature will presumably allow players to boot to their desired place in-game.

This patent was filed almost a year ago and was only recently made public. Going by the contents of this document, it looks like Sony Interactive Entertainment wants to utilize the PS5’s SSD speeds to provide a new boot feature to players.

This feature will give players the ability to boot directly into specific sections of the game. However, it isn’t similar to the ‘Quick Resume‘ feature present in the Xbox Series X. This isn’t simply booting into a singleplayer or multiplayer game. You can apparently boot into different game sections like a multiplayer queue:

Presently available ways for users to begin gameplay may include steps, such as signing into a platform, selecting a game title, signing into the game, selecting one or more options on a menu, joining co-players for a multi-player session, selecting a stage, etc. Each step may be associated with different user interfaces.

The patent highlights the necessity to develop a dynamic interface that will allow users to boot directly into various parts of the game. Having multiple entry points in a game can frustrate players according to the patent. This new PlayStation 5 feature will apparently allow users to create multiple templates to boot into desired in-game locations:

Embodiments of the present invention include systems and methods for launching direct gameplay and providing dynamic interfaces. A template of an interactive content title may be associated with an activity of the title. The template may be transmitted to and displayed on a user device. The user can select the template, which may then launch the activity associated with the template within the title and generate an object to capture and store data related to the activity.

For instance, a game has various multiplayer modes. You can boot directly into a specific multiplayer mode like deathmatch mode by selecting its template. Players can set these presents beforehand. This feature even discusses teleporting players to specific multiplayer matches based on their skill and the player count.

The PlayStation 5’s SSD speeds have already received praise from game developers. It looks like Sony wants to develop features of its own to rival that of the Xbox Series X. Though only time will tell if these efforts will make the PS5 more of a competitor to its Microsoft counterpart.