Left 4 Dead 3 Rumors Dashed By Valve, Rendering Test Was Not For A New Game

Every few months or years, someone believes that Valve might be making Left 4 Dead 3, and each time Valve has dashed those rumors. This latest rumor was no different, since Valve recently said that a rendering test on Left 4 Dead 2 was not related to a third entry into the game.

A recent interview with IGN had Valve telling the website that various leaked Left 4 Dead screenshots that appeared to be from a new Left 4 Dead game were actually rendering tests to see how Valve’s new Source 2 engine worked in circumstances like Left 4 Dead.

However, those screenshots aren’t the only rumors that have been coming out about Left 4 Dead 3. When Half-Life: Alyx was first announced, other rumors sprung up about there being a Left 4 Dead VR game in the making. That game, however, has not materialized yet, either in release or trailer form.

While Left 4 Dead is a popular game for many players and has been kept going through its robust modding community, Valve has given no indication that it would like to make a third game. However, if a third game was actually in the making, there’s always the option that it might have been cancelled.

Valve head Gabe Newell has said that a new Left 4 Dead game isn’t in the cards right now, so we have no idea when one might actually be in the cards. With Half-Life: Alyx revitalizing Valve and the Half-Life series in terms of games, we might get more Half-Life content in the future, but as for Left 4 Dead, we’ll have to wait.

While Valve News Network host Tyler McVicker has maintained that Valve was working on Left 4 Dead 3 before changing its priorities to Half-Life, we likely won’t be seeing a new Left 4 Dead game until Valve actually wants one to be seen, and that might be a very long time away.