Backlot Map Coming in Season 3 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

The multiplayer Backlot map will apparently be coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare in Season 3 of the multiplayer, according to Twitter user Okami13. While we don’t know if this is true or not, it could be a nice callback to the original Modern Warfare game if it turns out true.

The original Backlot map was set in the unnamed Middle Eastern country in the original Modern Warfare, a mid-sized map that was good for hectic and fast-paced fights and could be used with all different types of game modes.

Considering how much more advanced that the remake of Call of Duty Modern Warfare is over the original, if there is a Backlot map coming then it might be a great deal more advanced, with new weapons and possibly even a different layout.

However, since this is just a leak on Twitter that isn’t backed up from any official source, we have no idea if it’s actually true or not. There are actually a number of different rumored maps for season 3, including Borderline, Takedown, Village, Offshore, and more. However, the only confirmed map is Rust.

Since the new season starts on April 7, we still have around two weeks to wait until the season actually starts and we can learn whether or not the Backlot map is actually going to be one of the multiple maps being added to the game.

Considering all of the different maps that are being added with each multiplayer season, if you have a favorite map from any of the other Modern Warfare games, you should always keep up hope that they’ll eventually be brought over to the new game.

Either way, whether we actually get the Backlot map in the next season or not is up to Infinity Ward, so be on the lookout when Season 3 starts to see if it’s actually true.