World War Z Update 1.15 Is Out, Crossplay

A brand new update released for World War Z. Saber Interactive and Mad Dog Games’ latest patch released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. World War Z Update 1.15 finally makes Crossplay available. Both PC and Xbox One players can now play against each other. PS4 will be joining at some point in the future. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding World War Z Update 1.15.

  • Added Virus Sample functionality in Campaign
  • Added 4 new weapon variants with unique perks
  • War Heroes character skin pack (included for Season Pass owners)
  • Slightly reduced difficulty in Hard mode
  • Significantly reduced difficulty in Normal mode
  • Increased Auto Turret maximum ammo
  • Capped by 10 the amount of Auto Turrets that could be placed simultaneously
  • Fixed one of the shops not spawning items
  • Reduced the amount of ammo secondary weapons drain from ammo boxes by 50%
  • Reduced ammo crate cost from 100 to 70
  • Significantly increased both XP and currency rewards
  • Tweaked Extreme difficulty settings to restore pre-patch balance (it was changed to support crossplay)
  • AI Director will spawn less secondary weapon pickups
  • Reworked Bomber drop, he will spawn better Primary and Heavy weapons when killed
  • Fixed several issues with perks stacking
  • Minor UI and localization fixes
  • Fixed several gameplay crashes
  • Added crossplay between Xbox in PvE

World War Z is a third-person action and survival game developed by Saber Interactive that was adapted from Max Brooks’ novel to a video game. Enhancing the online cooperation, the title invites us to fight against hordes of zombies in different parts of the globe.

Are you anxious to see more details regarding this patch? Here you will find the complete list of World War Z Update 1.15 patch notes. I remind you that Saber Interactive and Mad Dog Games’ World War Z released on April 16, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.