Paladins Update 2.16 Is Live, Champions Pack Bug Fix

Hi-Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games’ Paladins has received a brand new update. This patch is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The download and install size of Paladins Update 2.16 on the PlayStation 4 is about 130 MB. Take note that depending on the platform you are using, the download size may differ. This is purely a hotfix for the Champions Pack bug.

Paladins is a video game focused on fighting against other players in groups of up to five opponents in which we will have to choose a hero, with unique skills and aspects, to form a balanced team with which to achieve victory. Through a detailed system of points, Hi-Rez increases the strategic range of the game and allows each user to play a real role on the battlefield. Below you will find the complete list of Paladins Update 2.16 patch notes.

  • Fixed: Champions Pack bug

Recently, the developers released another important patch for the game. You will find that Paladins Update 2.13 (3.02) is quite a big patch, as there are various improvements, general fixes, customizations, and much more. Something else that stands out with this patch is that they added the Sands of Myth update content and changes into the game. With this patch, Frog Isle has also received a visual rework, and now lives up to its namesake! Frogs!

Working towards their goal of a higher quality Paladins experience in 2020, the devs also removed both Killcam and Top Play. In their place, they introduced Death Cards, an improved post-match lobby landing screen. They also fixed numerous Death recap bugs. The Paladins development team is spending a lot of time polishing the core gameplay experience and making the game better.

I remind you that Hi-Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games’ Paladins released in 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.