Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner Tips

Animal Crossing has released the fifth game of the series, New Horizon. The game allows you to create a space for yourself and explore as much as you want on a remote island. You can create and customize as much as you want on the island. There are some strategies and Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner Tips that we have summed up for you that are going to help you in the game.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Beginner Tips

Customize your character
Once you reach the check-in counter at the airport, you will be given an option to customize your character. The look that you give your character is not permanent and you can change it later in the game. All you would have to do is look for a mirror or a vanity in order to get a makeover for your character.

Choose Island
Every island in Animal Crossing has a different layout and you will be asked to choose an island on which you are going to live. To change the layout of your map, mold the terrain.

Now you can customize the layout of your map. But before you do this, you are going to require a permit to start terraforming.

Apart from this, choosing the hemisphere you want your island in will also be your choice. The season of your island is depended on the hemisphere you are on. Other than that, the make of your island and the events taking place inside of it also depends on the hemisphere.

Home Base
Your home base or your tent has to be set out as well. You have to choose a location where you are going to set your tent and the best location is going to be on a beach or near the trees. Not only the hold of your tents is in your hands but you also choose the locations of the tents of villagers.

Routine on the Island
There are various events that take place in Animal Crossing. Some of these events are reset daily and you get to participate in them daily.

These include events like bonus free Miles, merchandise for sale and many more. Booting up the game every day, for some time, helps you to receive the rewards faster.

Materials found on the Island
You have to look for material on the island to craft it and make something out of it. There is a limited number of rocks and soon you’ll run out of them to get things out of them.

Trees are another source where you can get material from and use it for crafting. When you have the material to craft and customize, watch DIY recipe videos and make furniture and tools.

Creating tools is going to help you to interact with items on the island and the Tool Ring is going to help to get access to tools easily.

Bugs and Fish
The in-game currency in Animal Crossing is called Bells. You can catch Bugs and Fish and then sell it in order to get Bells. Bells will allow you to buy items like tools, furniture, and even DIY recipes.

You will be purchasing a Getaway Package and for that, you need a loan that you are going to take from Tom Nook. You are under no time restriction and neither do you have to pay interest on it so you can pay him whenever.

You can’t pay him back through Bells, instead, you need to give him Miles. Before you take another loan, you need to pay off the first one otherwise you won’t be able to take a new loan.

Life with Villagers
There are going to be a lot of villagers on the island and you need to interact with them on a daily bases. These villagers give you quests and you receive rewards upon completing them.

If there are villagers that do not settle with you and you do not like them then you can make them leave the island. Either ignore them or complain about them to Isabelle.

There is an option where you can visit your friends’ islands or even invite them over to visit your island.

A maximum of eight friends can be supported by the island and together you can explore the island. The Multiplayer Online section of the game allows you to buy and sell items on your friend’s island shop.

The material that you get on these islands can also be collected and also, you can collect the Bugs and Fish here and sell them to get Bells.

Local / Couch Co-op
There is a Local / Couch Co-op feature in Animal Crossing and it is called Party Animal. This feature allows you to invite players who have accounts on the same Nintendo Switch to come to visit your island. You can explore your island with them and continue on with the events