Playstation 5 Backwards Compatibility Stance Clarified After Wednesday’s Unveiling

Two days ago, Playstation 5 lead system architect Mark Cerny went into detail on the various specifications that made up the Playstation 5. However, Playstation 5 backwards compatibility seemed to be sort of a letdown. Playstation has now released a statement to clarify its stance, saying it will have thousands of games available.

At the Playstation 5’s unveiling, Cerny brought up that the Top 100 Playstation 4 games would be backwards-compatible with the Playstation 5. However, many people took that to mean that only those Playstation 4 games would be on the console, despite previous promises to the contrary.

The recent statement on Playstation 5 backwards compatibility, posted on the official Playstation blog, states that the company is testing hundreds of games already to be backwards compatible with the Playstation 5, and expects to test thousands more in the future.

Playstation says that all of the backwards compatible titles will be running at higher framerates and resolutions, the product of boosted frequencies. Not all games currently being tested will be available at first, but only because they require more work to function on the console properly.

While the top 100 Playstation titles are nothing to sneeze at, since they were ranked by playtime and likely include many of the console’s biggest titles like Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Sekiro, and others, it’s nice to know that the many other not-as-popular Playstation 4 games are also getting a chance.

Even though the Playstation 5 isn’t as powerful as the Xbox Series X, as you can see in a comparison between the specs of the two consoles, the fact that the Playstation 5 backwards compatibility games will be so many games that were so popular will likely help to make up the difference.

The Playstation 5 will be coming out at the end of this year alongside the Xbox Series X, though we have no idea of when, exactly, that will be beyond a nebulous “holiday” release window.