DDOS Attack Affects Everything From Warcraft To Warzone

A DDOS attack is apparently underway on the official Activision-Blizzard gaming client, affecting everything from World of Warcraft to Call of Duty: Warzone. THe DDOS attack is particularly affecting latency and connections to games, which is a bad thing to happen when millions around the world are quarantined.

Of course, considering the normal mindset of people that do things like this, that’s likely the precise reason why they did it. With the coronavirus forcing many people to isolate themselves at home, video games are one of the few ways that people can amuse themselves.

With the DDOS attack happening, people that attempt to play games from Activision or Blizzard right now are going to find it exceedingly difficult to keep a stable connection, causing no small amount of frustration and annoyance until the DDOS attack is fixed.

DDOS attacks are one of the most common methods for trolls and hackers to mess with some website or service. The attack, whose name stands for Distributed Denial of Service, is most often caused by having a massive number of dummy accounts all attempt to log on at once, constantly, filling up the service’s bandwidth and blocking data.

In a service where internet connectivity is crucial for many of its games, especially newly popular ones like Call of Duty: Warzone, something like this can cripple every game that Blizzard has in its catalogue. At the same time, though, there’s also the possibility that it’s not a DDOS attack at all.

While a DDOS attack might be the most obvious solution, millions of people are stuck in their homes with nothing to do but play video games, so the latency might also be caused by a huge amount of Blizzard fans attempting to log in at once.

Blizzard has been reporting a number of issues in the past few days that are unrelated to a DDOS attack, so this is also a likely explanation, but we’ll have to wait for an official statement before we can really take a guess at what’s what.