Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing Guide

Fishing plays a huge role in island life in Animal Crossing. If you are an aspiring fisherman and want to complete the encyclopedia, we have prepared this Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing Guide

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fishing

Now firstly, you need to know the locations where you get perform fishing. Places like the beach, ponds, and rivers are the main locations where you can do fishing.

Since at every different location there is a different fish, you need to first choose the correct spot depending on which fish you want.

When you are done choosing the spot, look for a shadow of the fish in the water which is going to indicate the presence of the fish. The bigger the fish the higher the price of the fish.

When you are nearing towards the fish, choose to walk rather than run as it is going to alert the fish and will make its escape. Once you are near the fish, get your fishing pole from your inventory or you can simply press left or right on the D-Pad to switch over to it.

To craft a fishing pole, you can use the DIY workbench. The aim in the direction of where the fish is facing and cast your lure, you need to press A. Cast and the lure should land in from of its mouth to increase the chances of catching the fish.

If you are fishing in a river, cast upstream and due to the motion of the river, the lure will go downstream. Don’t be away from water as you won’t be able to cast your pole. Staying close to the edge of the water increases your chances to fish.

Once the fish notices the lure, it is going to come towards it and is going to bob and is going to bite in between it to bring the lure underwater.

If the fish has already bobbed four times and hasn’t bit yet, then it will definitely bite the fifth time as they don’t bob more than five times. Just Press A once to catch the fish and make you’re your timing is perfect.

There are various things that you can do once you catch a fish. Firstly, you can donate it to the museum. Donating fish to the museum makes it more attractive and you and your friends can visit it later.

This is only for that purpose. Don’t donate if the museum doesn’t matter to you. Note that once you have donated a type of fish to the museum, you can’t donate it again.

Another thing you can do after you catch a fish is, you can sell them at Resident Services / Nook’s Cranny. Doing this is going to reward you with Bells, which is the in-game currency. You need Bells to buy tools and other material so it is a good way to make Bells.

The fish present in deep-sea of New Horizons are below

Deep Sea Fish

These are the fish present in deep-sea along with their cost:

Fish Name Price
Abalone 1600
Acorn Barnacle 800
Chambered Nautilus 3600
Clam 1200
Ear Shell 1200
Flatworm 800
Giant Isopod 36000
Horsehair Crab 16000
Horseshoe Crab 6000
Lobster 10000
Mantis Shrimp 5000
Octopus 4800
Oyster 1600
Pearl Oyster 6400
Red King Crab 24000
Scallop 4000
Sea Anemone 400
Sea Cucumber 600
Sea Grapes 2400
Sea Slug 800
Sea Star 400
Sea Urchin 3200
Seaweed 800
Snow Crab 16000
Spider Crab 40000
Spiny Lobster 12000
Spotted Garden Eel 2400
Sweet Shrimp 2600
Tiger Prawn 6400
Turban Shell 1200

River Fish

These are the fish present in river along with their cost:

Fish Name Base Size (cm) Price
Angelfish 12 12000
Arapaima 300 40000
Arowana 70 40000
Barbel Steed 50 800
Bitterling 8 3600
Black Bass 50 1200
Carp 60 1200
Catfish 60 3200
Cherry Salmon 35 4000
Crucial Carp 20 480
Dace 35 800
Dorado 100 60000
Freshwater Goby 15 1200
Giant Snakehead 85 22000
Goldfish 15 5200
Guppy 4 5200
Koi 60 16000
Loach 20 1200
Mitten Crab 8 4000
Nibble Fish 8 6000
Pale Chub 15 800
Pike 120 7200
Piranha 30 10000
Pond Smelt 15 1200
Popeyed Goldfish 15 5200
Rainbow Trout 60 3200
Saddled Bichir 60 16000
Neon Tetra 2 2000
Soft-shelled Turtle 30 15000
Stringfish 140 60000
Sweetfish 25 3600
Yellow Perch 35 960

Sea Fish

These are the fish present in sea along with their cost:

Fish Name Base Size Price
Barred Knifejaw 60  20000
Blowfish 25 500
Blue Marlin 220 40000
Butterfly fish 60/18 4000
Clownfish 15 2600
Coelacanth 150 60000
Dab 50 1200
Football Fish unknown 10000
Giant Trevally 180 18000
Hammerhead Shark 250 32000
Horse Mackerel 10 600
Moray Eel 80 8000
Napoleonfish 180 40000
Oarfish 580 36000
Ocean Sunfish 300 16000
Olive Flounder 80 3200
Puffer Fish 35 960
Ray 120 12000
Red Snapper 90 12000
Ribbon Eel 120 2400
Saw Shark 150 48000
Sea Bass 100 800
Sea Butterfly 3 4000
Sea Horse 8 4400
Shark 540 60000
Squid 35 1600
Surgeonfish 31 4000
Tuna 230 28000
Whale Shark 600 52000
Zebra Turkeyfish 30 1600

Lake Fish

These are the fish that can be found in the lake:

Fish Name Base Size Price
Bluegill 25 480
Eel 100 8000
Gar 190 24000

Waterfall Fish

These are the fish that can be found in waterfall:

  • Char with price 15200 that has a base size of 150 cm.

Pond Fish

These fish can be found in the Pond:

Fish Name Base Size (cm) Price
Crawfish 12 800
Frog 12  480
Killifish 4 1200
Tadpole 4 400

Sea River Fish

These fish are found in the River:

Fish Name Base Size (cm) Price
King Salmon 140 7200
Salmon 90 2800

Selling fish or Donating to Museum
You can sell your fish at the written price to get money. The more expensive fish you catch, the more money you make. The other option is to donate the rare fish to the museum. But you will not get any money for it.

You can put the fish inside your house to keep it as a pet. Keeping it as a pet does no benefit but if you don’t want anything to do with the fish then you might as well do this. Drop it inside or outside the house and it will start being displayed in your tank.