Xbox Series X Backwards Compatibility Will Work With All Games, Says Microsoft

One of the larger disappointments for the Playstation 5 announced yesterday was that only the top 100 Playstation 4 games will be backwards compatible with the Playstation 5. However, Microsoft has immediately stepped in to one-up Sony and said that Xbox Series X backwards compatibility will support every Xbox game, as said on Twitter.

Backwards compatibility became a big sticking point for many gamers this past generation: a significant part of the reason the Xbox One fell behind the Playstation 4 was because it did not offer backwards compatibility right off the bat.

However, Microsoft has rallied and thrown itself into backwards compatibility not just with the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility service, but also with the Xbox Game Pass service, which has proven to be a resounding success as it includes games not just from the Xbox 360, but the original Xbox as well.

Every game that is currently on the Xbox backwards compatibility list, along with every Xbox One game, will be Xbox Series X backwards compatible when that console releases. All of them can be stored on an external storage unit, though Xbox Series X games themselves will have to be stored on a more compatible device.

Even though the Playstation 5 will only run the Top 100 Playstation 4 games (themselves determined by total playtime), nearly all of those games will still be set to go as soon as the console launches as many of them have already been getting prepared for the Playstation 5. However, the console is too powerful to run some of them, so there will still be a bit of time needed.

We’ll be able to see the real differences between the Xbox Series X backwards compatibility and the Playstation 5 backwards compatibility when both of those consoles are released at the tail end of this year. In the meantime, with both consoles having their specs out, which is more successful now depends on the games they can offer.