Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Collectibles Location Guide

As Doom Eternal kicks off it will teach you about various mechanics of the game. The tutorial will teach you regarding all the basics, but let this hand-holding not fool you. There are still some collectibles that you are going to have to find on your own, hidden behind certain sections of the map. This guide covers all Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Collectibles Locations for you.

Doom Eternal Hell on Earth Collectibles Location

There are a total of 13 hidden collectibles found during your journey through Hell on Earth mission. Most of these Doom Eternal secret collectibles are actually pretty cool and meta in their own fun way.

Toy #1
Right after the mission starts, past the green insignia on a box-like structure, you will find a crack within a wall straight ahead. Punch through and head straight until you see a platform behind you. Climb it and collect the question mark in order to discover the first toy in this mission.

Codex Entry #1
After clearing the first room of enemies, go up the stairs to find the first entry titled ‘Hell Barges’.

Codex Entry #2
After Vega’s conversation regarding the Hell Priest, and noticing the huge demon in the distance. Turn around and climb up the rough rocks to find the second Codex Entry titled ‘Remaining Human Populations – Part 1’.

Toy #2
Climb further up and head down the slope to find a green glowing crack in the wall. Punch it open and climb up the ledge and head left to find the second toy; a mini version of you. Enjoy the cute little interaction.

Toy #3
Once you open the gate and move past the two demons as the metal music plays in the background; simply head out into the street and locate the Scott building; right next to it will be the Shuz building that you need to enter. Here, you will find a breakable wall to the left. Punch it and jump down to find the third toy.

Codex Entry #3
After finding the third toy, head outside and use the booster to go up the building. Navigate your way through the edges and make your way to the other side to find the third entry titled ‘Remaining Human Populations – Part II’,

Codex Entry #4
When you reach the subway, past the destroyed railway tracks on the other side, there will be an underground network still intact; towards the end lies our fourth entry titled as ‘Formation of the Arc’.

Infinite Lives
After your encounter with a tentacle, there should be a box right behind you. Jump up to the ceiling and break the grate to find an Infinite Lives floppy disk at the end.

Codex Entry #5
Once you have entered the citadel, do not go up the lift and instead head left; you can find the fifth codex entry just as you descend the small set of stairs, next to a huge iron grate. Entry is titled ‘Hell Priests’.

Codex Entry #6
Face the lift now after collecting the previous entry, and go straight, go up the flight of stairs on the right and enter the small room with the giant torch to find the final entry. This entry is titled ‘Deag Nilox’.