Doom Eternal Difficulty Settings Guide

Read this guide to get an idea of all the Doom Eternal Difficulty Settings and how difficulties change in each mode in DOOM Eternal, to determine what might be the best and most enjoyable mode for you to play the game.

Doom Eternal Difficulty Settings

Doom Eternal follows the standard 4 difficulty option but their names can be a bit confusing to understand what the option throws at you. Below are the complete detail and tips on which difficulty setting to choose when starting the game.

I’m Too Young to Die

Game description: At this difficulty setting, there will be dramatic fights and you will push through low health states and occasional deaths on your way to mastering the experience.

  • Enemies attack less often and do less damage.
  • Some items you pick up in the world, like health and armor, are worth more than in higher difficulties.

Hurt Me Plenty

Game description: If you have good reflexes and enjoy exploring for progression items, then this difficulty setting is for you. Invest in your weapons and abilities to keep up with the enemies as you progress.

  • Enemies attack often and do meaningful damage.
  • Death and low health states will be common early on as you learn to master the skills required to dominate the combat experience.


Game description: If you’re an experienced FPS player with great reflexes and you love exploring levels for progression items, then this difficulty setting is for you.

  • Enemies throw power attacks more often and deal significant damage.
  • Death may be common early on as you learn to master the skills needed to dominate the combat experience.


Game description: If you’re an expert FPS player with lightning-quick reflexes and you are a game completionist, then this difficulty setting is perfect for you.

  • Enemy attacks are more frequent and deal maximum damage.
  • Few mistakes are allowed and complete mastery of the combat loop is required.

Extra Life Mode
The extra life mode essentially lets you play on any difficulty but with very limited respawns available, once these run out then its game over permanently. So if you want to spice things up a bit go for this mode.

Which Difficulty to choose
Which difficulty suits you might already be clear from the in-game description of each difficulty, however if you want it to be broken down here comes the facts to be best demon slayer you possibly can.

If you are totally inexperienced with First-person shooters but still want to enjoy doom and look badass while doing it then Don’t Hurt me is definitely the safest option.

The game to us, however, is the most enjoyable for casual players with even the tiniest experience with FPS games is the Hurt Me Plenty mode, this mode has its challenges but doesn’t punish you too much for slipping, definitely the go-to for first time Doom Players.

Now if you are a seasoned Demon slayer who got plenty of Doom action back in 2016 then your starting difficulty should be set to ultra-violence and keep on upping the difficulty if you find it too easy.

The game allows you to change difficulty at any time so you have that going for you. Each difficulty has its own rewards with the rarer goods coming out at higher difficulties. So. find the best mode you want and go slay those demons.