Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Tent Locations Guide

Since you are new to the island, you start off your village with tents and gradually move up to buildings. In this guide, we will give you multiple Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Tent Locations for you to set up and the benefits of each location.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Best Tent Locations

There are three good spots for you to plant your tents, and each has its separate reasoning including access to nearby facilities.

If you want to go for efficiency then setting up the tent near Resident services is your best bet. The main reasoning behind it is that you will have to visit this facility very often to sell items and to buy new equipment and also it allows you to use Tom Nook’s DIY workbench. This will save you a lot of time in the long run.

If you like fishing a lot then setting up your tent near the Beach allows you to quickly reach shores to fish as much you like.

If you go online a lot then setting up the tent near The Airport is you best option. This enables you to quickly get to the airport after starting up the game, talk to Orville to fly off to a friend’s island.

If you are unhappy with the choice you made regarding your tent placement, fear not as you can get the option to relocate your tent if you talk to Tom Nook.

You can upgrade your tent into a house. You can do this using the Animal Crossing’ in-game currency, Miles. Unfortunately for you, you are sinking in debt and you have to pay off your debt by giving Tom Nook 5000 Miles.

After paying off the debt, an option becomes available for an expansion, which will further cost you almost 98 000 bells which will be incurred as debt and you can pay it off over time.