Amazon Italy Delists The Last of Us: Part II, Coronavirus to be Blamed?

The Last Of Us: Part II is a game that takes place in the aftermath of a devastating global pandemic. That apparently hit a little too close to home for Amazon Italy, who have de-listed the game from their website. While the virus might not be to blame, who knows?

While Naughty Dog is still confident that the game will release on time after one delay already, that depends on how long most countries remain under quarantine for the coronavirus. Many game studios have either stopped work or are having their developers work from home for their safety.

Since the coronavirus is highly contagious and Italy has been suffering a great deal from it, it’s only natural that various companies in Italy would respond to the virus in various ways. However, we don’t know exactly why the game has been taken off the site.

Amazon of course hasn’t given a reason for why the game has been de-listed, though it might just be a glitch that’s currently being worked on. The game doesn’t come out for 70 days still, specifically on May 29, so The Last Of Us: Part II may still be on track for release unless Naughty Dog says otherwise.

Considering that Doom and Animal Crossing: New Horizons are still on track to release tomorrow despite the virus, we can assume that The Last Of Us has a similar ethic in mind. The main responsibility will therefore be on the players to try and stay safe while still being able to pick up the game.

That will be difficult though, considering just how much hype is built around the game. The original Last Of Us came out a short time before the Playstation 4 released, and now with years of development time under its belt the sequel has the potential to be better than the original.

Hopefully Amazon Italy will end up re-listing The Last Of Us: Part II before the game is set for release, and hopefully the pandemic will have burned out by then as well. Either way, we can hopefully expect The Last Of Us 2 to come out May 29 exclusively on the Playstation 4.