Leak Suggests Sledgehammer’s Next Game Is Call Of Duty 2021 Battle Royale

A recent rumor has just come out claiming that the next game from Sledgehammer is a Call of Duty 2021 battle royale game among other titles. Since this is a rumor right now and nothing’s confirmed, however, it should be taken with a grain of salt. The leaker source is TheGamingRevolution, a Twitter user.

While TGR has been accurate on various Call of Duty games before now, he’s made a few somewhat outlandish claims with this new batch of rumors. Along with the Call of Duty 2021 game being a battle royale, he’s also claimed that this year’s Call of Duty game will be a Black Ops reboot.

There is, of course, no truth to these rumors yet, but if the rumor about the Call of Duty 2021 Battle Royale is true, that will be the third Call of Duty battle royale mode we’ve gotten in almost as many years. Considering battle royale popularity, though, it’s not surprising.

Black Ops 4 back in 2018 cut out the game’s story mode to make way for the Blackout mode, and the Modern Warfare remake back in 2019 just released its own battle royale mode, Warzone, to a great amount of success. Since that’s Treyarch and Infinity Ward down, it’s logical that Activision would have Sledgehammer step up, too.

Along with claiming the Call of Duty 2021 battle royale route, TheGamingRevolution also claimed that Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty game would be a free-to-play game and spinoff from the normal Call of Duty series, likely to focus entirely on battle royale gameplay.

While, again, there’s no proof to this until an official channel says so, since we’ve already gotten two separate Call of Duty games with battle royale modes, it’s not impossible that Sledgehammer will do the same thing. We’ll have to wait and see how accurate TheGamingRevolution’s claims are whenever Activision unveils the next Call of Duty games.