How to Get The Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2

Every once in a while, Destiny 2 will bring forth an item that everyone will go crazy for. One such item in the new Season of the Worthy is actually an Exotic Shotgun named ‘The Fourth Horseman’. This automatic shotgun is a companion you would want on your side in both PvP and PvE due to its unique trait so let us show you how to get the Fourth Horseman Exotic shotgun in Destiny 2.

How to Get The Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun in Destiny 2

In order to begin the exotic quest, you are going to want to head to Zavala. Grabbing the mission, your next step will be to head to a vault.

Finding the Vault
Well, a vault can be a vague description, which is probably why you’re reading this guide. To find said vault, simply do a 180 and turn around after talking to Zavala. Head back, and jump down on the platform below, to your left.

Keep going straight ahead and traverse down the flight of stairs until you see an open door. Going through, you will notice a pretty sick office; which is actually Zavala’s workplace.

On the right, there is a secret staircase leading to a basement, as soon as you get down the final set of stairs, turn around and crouch into the air vents. Follow the path until you hit a storage room.

Here, just climb up the shelf and you will find yourself in more vents, keep following the path until you reach a set of boxes with guns lying around. Interact here and you will be tasked to return back to Zavala.

Zavala and Ana Bray
After finally making your way through the maze that is Zavala’s office. Head back to Zavala and talk to him, only to find out you now have to go talk to Ana Bray on Mars.

Now, the grind starts and you will be asked to collect intel by defeating Cabal or simply completing public events on Mars to be closer to the exotic shotgun.

On the Hunt
A public event will provide 20 percent progress per completion. Doing any activity which involves Cabal will at best give you a maximum of 10 percent progress.

Simply do the public events to get done with this part of the quest quickly. Escalation Protocol is a pretty good alternative too as it provides 10 percent progress per wave.

In the Shadows
Once you have choked the ever-loving life out of all Cabals and/or the Hive. You now have the assignment to take out either Psions or open Cabal chests.

A few things need to be cleared up before you go ahead and complete this task.

  • Lost Sector chests DO NOT count.
  • High-Value Target chests DO NOT count.
  • Any other chest besides a Cabal chest, it DOES NOT count.
  • Each Psion kill grants a 2% increase in progress.
  • Each chest opened grants 20% increase in progress.

Simply grab a treasure hunter ghost with the ability to see chests on Mars, and voila! You are now one step closer to getting the Fourth Horseman exotic.

Talk to Benedict 99-40
Yes, the sweeper associated with Leviathan. Talk to him, and he will give you a task named ‘Dirty Work’, which needs you to complete various activities found in the European Dead Zone.

Dirty Work
You will now be making your way to the EDZ. Here’s the thing, continuously defeating enemies is extremely slow progress; several enemies will account to give you a total of one percent after a while. What you can do is do patrols while you wait for public events; and once those public events start, make sure to do them on heroic.

Each public event gives roughly 10% progress, higher if the event was done in heroic difficulty. A patrol will give you 5% progress per completion.

Rein it In
Head back to Benedict to find the final step of the quest known as ‘Lost and Found’, which requires you to complete the Legendary Lost Sector named Quarry.

Lost and Found
Head to the Warmind bunker found in EDZ and clear all the enemies to gain access to the Legendary Lost Sector. Note that you might have to wait for the rotation to make Quarry a Legendary Lost Sector in order to do complete the quest.

And just like that, you have the Fourth Horseman exotic shotgun that has its fire-rate and damage increase every successive shot. Enjoy wreaking havoc with this new exotic.