Fortnite Season 2 Helicopter Locations Guide

The Helicopters are finally here in Fortnite, more commonly known to the Fortnite fandom as the Choppas. In this Fortnite Season 2 Helicopter locations guide we will show you how to find a helicopter and fly it around.

The second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 is finally heating up with this addition and traversing the landscape has just changed in Fortnite and our guide exists to give you a head start to getting yourself the aerial vehicle by detailing the locations of the new choppas in-game.

Fortnite Season 2 Helicopter Locations

The Fortnite Choppas will be available in-game at predetermined locations, meaning their spawn points are fixed and they will be available at each location from the start of the game.

You may have already known of some of these Fortnite locations as they already had helipads, the difference is now there are helicopters on them too.

These locations are:

Craggy Cliffs Towards the East at theĀ Fortnite Shadow safe houseĀ on the hill.
Pleasant Park towards the south, underneath where the football pitch used to be you will find a helipad
The Agency On the south side, you can find a helipad.
The Grotto Towards the center of the area.
North of Misty Meadows Near the safe house on the larger island.
Weather Station There is a helipad on the western side near the Mount Kay peak.
The Rig On the east side of the newly-changed spot.
East of Frenzy Farm Head over the river from the farm, near the public toilet entrance to another safe house.
North of Holly Hedges Between this area and Sweaty Sands.
The Yacht On the west side of this floating landmark.
The Shark The helipad is to the north-west.

The newly added helicopter does not have any weapons so as of yet they are only tools of mobility and not offense, it will be a pleasure watching player change their playstyles to include these in the helicopters and see what impact they bring to the colorful world of Fortnite.

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