EVO 2020 “Moving Forward” Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Evolution Championship Series (EVO 2020) will still be held as scheduled in the coming months and there will be no delays, at least for the time being.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the organization behind the largest fighting game tournament in the world assured that the coronavirus outbreak is being actively monitored for EVO 2020. The health and safety of all attendees and staffers will always remain a priority and will be the “overriding factor in making a decision” in the time to come.

In other words, the event will continue as planned. However, if the situation is assessed to be still dire in the months to come, EVO 2020 will be either cancelled or postponed. Should that happen, all purchased tickets will be refunded back.

EVO 2020 is scheduled to take place between July 31 and August 2 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is also where all casinos and resorts have been closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. In a way, EVO 2020 largely depends upon the re-opening of the venue unless the organization has a secondary venue in mind. Right now, though, seeing the bleak situation, EVO 2020 will have to be cancelled in the end. Expect the cancellation announcement to arrive soon.

Hygiene has always been an issue for the thousands of competitors traveling from all corners of the world every year and wandering around the same convention center. EVO 2019 had an attendee or competitor who was later confirmed to be with a case of the measles. While anyone who has been vaccinated is very unlikely to contract any illness from contact with the virus, concerns did surface regardless, especially since symptoms of the measles only start showing two to three weeks after exposure.

Elsewhere, Steam has been able to achieve a record-breaking number of concurrent users, a milestone that came as an unforeseen result of the coronavirus outbreak. On the weekend, more than 20 million players were accounted for on the platform at peak — 20,313,476 to be precise, of which more than 6 million players were in-game.

Update: The EVO team has issued a statement that EVO 2019 was never confirmed to have an attendee or competitor with the case of the measles. Hence, that part of the article has been crossed out.