Xbox Series X Games Not Compatible With Standard HDDs, Says Microsoft

Standard hard drive disks won’t be enough for Xbox Series X games, according to Larry Hyrb at Microsoft. The games are incompatible with that style of drive. The Xbox Velocity service will apparently be serving as a replacement, though the HDDs aren’t completely useless and can still be used for old games.

While the Xbox Series X will have a huge amount of storage space, up to one terabyte, the matter of external storage systems hasn’t cropped up, and now we know why. According to Hyrb, if you want to run an Xbox Series X game, you’ll have to use Xbox Velocity or the internal solid state drive.

Thankfully, this isn’t an issue for older Xbox games that came on the original Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One. However, it might inconvenience some Xbox gamers who already have external drives that they might have wanted to continue using with Xbox Series X games.

However, the Velocity system is intended to help load games faster and give developers more room to work with. Ten gigabytes of the Xbox Series X’s internal system will also be used to provide immediate access to game assets for developers.

Microsoft will likely develop some kind of new external or expandable hard drive that’s compatible with Xbox Series X games, though so far no sort of price or any hint of their existence has been forthcoming. With luck, hopefully Microsoft doesn’t price them too highly when the time comes for them to come out.

We’ll likely learn more over the next few months as the Xbox Series X gets closer to release, though where that will be considering E3 has been cancelled remains to be seen. In the meantime Microsoft will have to come up with another way to show off not just the Xbox Series X and all its capabilities, but also its games.