Delay in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC due to COVID-19 concerns

One of Nintendo’s most demanding titles Super Smash Bros. Ultimate struck the fans with some bad news. The news indicated a delay in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC due to COVID 19 concerns.

The new Fighters Pass 2 DLC (Downloadable Content) unlocks six new characters in the game. But this will not be the case due to the rising Coronavirus suspected cases. A Japanese magazine called Famitsu held an interview with the game director Masahiro Sakurai where he gave his statement regarding the new DLC.

Sakurai planned to hold a meeting with publishers regarding details about the new DLC characters. However, there was a change of plans due to health concerns. The public is only familiar with a small portion of the interview. Apart from that, the translations also appear to lack clarity.

Game journalist and translator PushDustin tweeted out a thread where he tried to unveil Sakurai’s partial comments. The following is the statement from PushDustin regarding Sakurai’s interview after he put some of the pieces together from the unclear leaked transcript.

Sakurai had plans to present information about new fighter(s) to a publisher(s), but that’s been put on hold now.

Further adding to this:

There is a possibility that Nintendo will announce the new fighter(s) as planned, but no development work will be done.

The reason why the journalist had trouble decoding the comments is due to Japanese Plurals not being easy to translate. Hence it is unclear if Sakurai spoke about revealing many characters or just one out of the Fighters 2 Pass DLC. 

Even though we have speculation from Sakurai’s recent interview, it is not concrete information. The interview again is incomplete as only parts of it are available.  A direct translation of the Director’s comments via Google translation goes as:

“I plan to present a plan for a new fighter and give a presentation to the publisher, but the people concerned are not gathering and it is postponed indefinitely. If an infected person is found in the office, the entire building will be completely closed and development will be stopped altogether. Even if we announce a new fighter, there is a possibility that development will not proceed as expected.”

Before the crisis, Nintendo confirmed the Fighter Pass 2 DLC to come out by the end of 2021. However, things may be more complicated for the company now that the COVID-19 crisis is in process. While the DLC seems out of sight, for now, we can only entertain ourselves with rumors and speculations by fans regarding what characters will the DLC unlock.