Playstation 5 GPU More Powerful Than Xbox Series X, Has 13 Teraflops

Tommy Fisher, the leaker that pegged how much storage space the Xbox Series X’s GPU would have on it, has struck again. Fisher says that the Playstation 5 GPU will be more powerful than the Xbox’s, having 13 teraflops (13.3 to be exact) compared to the Xbox’s 12.1, though this isn’t confirmed yet.

Since the Xbox Series X has had most of its specs officially revealed while the Playstation 5 hasn’t, there’s plenty of room for doubt. However, Fisher had been right on the money when pointing out the power of the Xbox Series X’s own GPU, so there is reason to trust him.

The Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 seem fairly close on each other so far. Even though the Playstation 5 GPU has more teraflops than the Xbox Series X, both consoles have 52 active control units. However, the Playstation 5’s CUs run at a higher clock rate, at 2 gigahertz compared to the Xbox’s 1.82.

This clock rate seems to be the primary reason for why there are more teraflops on the Playstation 5. However, at the same time, we don’t know all of the Playstation 5’s stats. However, since Playstation has made the announcement that they’ll finally have a reveal event tomorrow, that’s about to change.

Various developers in the industry have said that along with a better GPU, the Playstation 5 also has a better solid state drive than the Xbox Series X, being faster in that area too. If this is true, Playstation might continue to hold dominance in the console wars this generation unless Microsoft can draw players in with better games.

We’ll likely learn more about the Playstation 5 GPU, along with everything else to do with the console, tomorrow when the event happens. Since both consoles will be releasing either at the end of this year, or sometime early next year on account of the coronavirus, every month and every announcement counts.