Hearthstone’s Duplicate Protection Gets Major Update

Blizzard has finally decided on a crucial change that will make Hearthstone a cheaper and less frustrating experience for specially new players.

The developer previously added a duplicate protection mechanic that only covered legendary cards. When opening new card packs in Hearthstone, players are unable to receive a duplicate of a legendary card they already own unless they own all legendary cards from that particular expansion. Blizzard will now be expanding that duplicate protection mechanic to cover all types of rarities in Hearthstone, including epic, rare, and even common cards.

In other words, players will be guaranteed to receive new cards unique to their deck every time they open a card pack. The only way they will start getting duplicates in Hearthstone is when they have collected every card from a particular expansion.

To further clarify how important this new change is for Hearthstone, even opening a hundred card packs under the old system never guaranteed a full set of common cards. Thanks to the new and improved duplicate protection, players can expect to have all of the common cards from an expansion within the first 30 or 40 card packs.

“When you have more cards, you have more options to have fun. So from the first expansion of the year, duplicate protection will apply for all card rarities,” said game director Ben Lee on the official blog. “What this means is that whenever you open a card of any rarity, there will be one you haven’t gotten yet. This is an effort to make the game cheaper. This will also affect all old expansions and all old card packs, including those that you currently have in your account. We’re really really happy with this change and we hope our players will be, too.”

Collecting a complete set in Hearthstone has always been an expensive matter. The community has been screaming at Blizzard to make chances for years. It has always come down to months of grinding, pure luck, or buying card packs with real-world money to get a complete set or the right cards as quickly as possible. Following the new changes, collecting an entire set should feel more consistent. Fact is that players can now expect to have all of the common and rare cards much quicker than before.

Take note that the new duplicate protection will go into effect with Ashes of Outland, the new expansion coming to Hearthstone on April 7, 2020. Blizzard has previously tried to address the long-awaited request in regard to unlocking card packs at a cheaper and quicker rate. It was about time that the developer took a much larger and bolder step.

Furthermore, Blizzard is making a special offer for new and returning players. Starting March 26, 2020, graduating past the new-player rank will get players a free deck from a class of their own choosing, featuring cards from the Year of the Dragon. “We’re hoping this will help players feel empowered to jump right in and experience the latest of what Hearthstone has to offer!” said the developer.