Exit The Gungeon Takes You On A Madcap Elevator Ride Today On Nintendo Switch

Back in 2016, Dodge Roll Studios sent players on a journey to retrieve the ultimate weapon: A gun that can kill the past in Enter the Gungeon. Now that the past has been killed, players must Exit the Gungeon in the eponymous new game from Dodge Roll that released today on the Nintendo Switch.

Unlike Enter the Gungeon, which was a dungeon-crawling roguelike where you went deeper and deeper into the Gungeon on your journey, Exit the Gungeon now requires you to fight your way back up on a high-speed and high-danger series of elevator rides.

Since you were able to use the gun that could kill the past, the Gungeon itself has become a paradox, and is now collapsing, meaning you have to get out, and fast! Armed with your insatiable desire to loot things, an ever-evolving weapon, and your trusty dodge-roll, your character must fight the surviving Gundead to Exit the Gungeon before it collapses.

The fact that Enter the Gungeon got a sequel is a cause for surprise on multiple levels. Originally, the developers had said that they were stopping development on Enter the Gungeon after multiple expansions for their own sanity, though it’s likely Exit the Gungeon won’t have nearly as much content as its predecessor.

Another cause for surprise was where exactly it released. Even though the game released on the Nintendo Switch today, it got a Steam listing before now, saying that it would be releasing on May 31. The game also released on Apple Arcade before now.

The game originally dropped on the PC before it got all of its console ports, so there’s no telling why the developers decided to release it on the Switch first this time, though they’ve implied that there will also be console releases in the future.

If you didn’t get your fill of Gungeoneering in Enter the Gungeon, you can buy Exit the Dungeon on the Nintendo Switch now. You can see the trailer by following this link.