AMD Expects Revenue Growth up to 30% Thanks to Zen 3 Processors

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) confirmed that this year AMD Zen 3 processors will increase annual revenue by 30%. The new Zen 3 based on the 7nm process is truly a game-changer for the red team. With the struggles in the recent years, AMD Zen 3 processors are finally helping the company make up for the loss. This 30% increase in revenue has put the company on comfortable grounds.

AMD revealed more details in regard to the growth rate at their annual financial analyst conference. We learned at the conference that in the next 5 years, the revenue growth rate will be 20%. However, this specific year will keep the revenue margin by around 28% to 30%. In 2019 AMD’s revenue only increased by 4% from $6.48 billion to $6.73 billion. But according to the new 30% increase, AMD may earn up to 8.75 Billion US dollars as revenue this year.

These are quite astonishing numbers when there is an epidemic threat. AMD did not hold back on the Q1 quarters suffering badly due to the Corona epidemic. This had the company benefit from 50 million US dollars which is a 42% increment compared to last year.

Last year, the AMD Ryzen 3000 and the EPYC 7002 series made a statement by shaming Intel in terms of both price and performance. With the Ryzen 3000 performing a lot better for the buck, it became the better and cheaper choice for consumers.

On the other hand, the EPYC ROME annihilated an Intel Xeon 48 core dual CPU data system with only 64 Cores on board. We can say that AMD has their 7nm Zen 2 processors to thank for the confident attitude. We should also look out for a new version of the Zen 3 7nm processor this year.

Continuing with this year, AMD has a wide range of new products that will soon drop in the market. These include notebooks powered by APUs (accelerated processing unit), both the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Desktop grade APUs as well. These will all be based on the new Zen 3 architecture. This was confirmed by the red team’s CEO, Lisa Su in the CES. Apart from the Zen 3 processors, AMD also claims to release an NVidia killer later this year. They have teased their new Navi 2X GPU line as well.

This GPU will be using the RDNA 2 architecture. Details state this will be 50% more energy-efficient in comparison to its older brother RDNA. Rumors are going around saying this will be AMD’s weapon to put an end to NVidia’s reign in the graphics segment. It has become obvious that AMD is dominating all areas building them a stable product portfolio this year. 2020 will truly be the year for AMD.