Destiny 2 Almighty Title Guide

With Destiny 2’s Season 10, Season of Worthy, being in full swing, there have been a lot of changes to the game. One of them is the addition of new earnable titles. This Destiny 2 Almighty title guide will focus on unlocking this title for you.

Destiny 2 Almighty Title

The Almighty title basically tasks you with completing 7 triumphs, not a challenging ordeal if you have a good fireteam alongside you, to make sure you complete these legendary lost sectors without dying, stay behind cover and take minimum risks.

Detailed below are all the activities you need to complete to get the title:

  • Fully upgrade all Seraph Bunkers.
  • Clear all three Seraph Bunkers in a day.
  • Complete each Legendary Lost Sector in the EDZ.
  • Io  Complete each Legendary Lost Sector on Io
  • Complete each Legendary Lost Sector on the Moon
  • Complete a Legendary Lost Sector without dying
  • Complete a Seraph Tower Public Event without failing a single Support Tower charge cycle

Here are all the legendary lost sectors at each location you have to visit to complete, to get the title:

Legendary Lost Sectors in the EDZ

  • Scavenger’s Den
  • Skydock IV
  • The Quarry

Legendary Lost Sector on Io

  • Aphix Conduit
  • Sanctum of Bones
  • Grove of Ulan-Tan

Legendary Lost Sectors on the Moon

  • K1 Logistics
  • K1 Crew Quarters
  • K1 Communion

Just make sure to get all these completed before the ‘Season of the Worthy’ ends to earn your Almighty title. Best of luck everyone!

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