Control: ‘The Foundation’ DLC Trailer Detailed

505 Games and Remedy Entertainment just released a trailer for Control: ‘The Foundation’ DLC. The expansion pack is due for March 26. The PlayStation Blog revealed some details along with the new trailer. Here is the official synopsis for the story of Control: ‘The Foundation’ DLC:

In The Foundation, the Astral Plane is colliding with our reality. Jesse Faden, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, must travel through the caverns of the Foundation to prevent the Astral Plane from consuming the Oldest House. The missing Head of Operations, Helen Marshall, may hold some answers to the mysteries surrounding this threat. As she travels deeper, Jesse will learn more about Marshall’s disappearance, and about the enigmatic Board.

Jesse will have multiple side missions to work through along with the main missions in The Foundation. The Foundation is a new level that you can access in Central Executive through the Hotline Chamber. However, players need to have completed the main game in order to access The Foundation DLC. The downloadable content should offer 4-5 hours of new gameplay.

Two new abilities called ‘Shape’ and ‘Shield Rush’ will be added to Jesse’s supernatural arsenal. 505 Games also upgraded the service weapon called Fracture. ‘Shape’ and the upgrade to Fracture will allow Jesse to reshape and shatter The Foundation’s environment. The ‘Shield Rush’ ability will allow Jesse to charge at her enemies which will knock them back. This upgrade will be available after the free March update.

The Foundation will introduce a new enemy called Hiss Sharpened. This new foe can be located under the Oldest House in the caves. Hiss Sharpened will have a pickaxe and will come at you with melee swings. On top of that, this new foe can attack from different directions.

Remedy Entertainment is launching a free March upgrade accompanying The Foundation:

We’re launching a free update alongside The Foundation. In response to player feedback, we’ve improved the functionality of the map, added the option to reallocate Ability points using Essence at Control points, and other quality of life improvements. There’s also the Shield Rush ability upgrade and many more improvements under the hood.

Control was a masterpiece and marked another homerun from Remedy Entertainment. The game was developed in 3 years with a measly budget of  30 million. Fans expect Control: ‘The Foundation’ DLC to expand on the narrative and gameplay that Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games provided with the base game.