Call Of Duty: Warzone — A Handy Guidebook For New Players

Warzone is a new free-to-play battle royale mode for Modern Warfare that takes a different Call of Duty twist on the chaotic arena-based genre.

The basic gameplay is still the same. You jump from a plane into a massive map and start scavenging for equipment to survive, all while keeping an eye on the closing circle. However, unlike other battle royale games, Warzone has a distinct Call of Duty feel. That means some gameplay mechanics have been either changed or slightly tweaked. There are new mechanics and features as well.

Hence, you will have to familiarize yourself with what Warzone offers even if you are coming straight from other battle royale offerings. Below are some questions that newcomers to Warzone are likely to ask. Going through this handy guidebook will clarify any confusion that you might have and get you primed and ready for your next match.

What Do I Do With This Cash?

Warzone has in-game cash that can be randomly looted just like other items. You can spend any amassed cash at Buy Stations scattered around the map. The things you can buy include a stack of armor plates, a self-revive kit, a care package, the redeployment of eliminated friendlies, and various killstreaks.

How Do I Sharpen These Blurry Graphics?

Chances are that Warzone will be a bit blurry the first time you drop into the map. While increasing the graphical settings to as high as possible would be the obvious solution, one particular setting makes all the difference.

Start by heading into options from the main menu and look under the graphics tab. Find render resolution and set the value to 100. Warzone will then improve the overall image quality by rendering scenes at 1920 x 1080 — sharpening the graphics and removing the blurriness.

What Do I Do In The Gulag?

Death is only the beginning in Warzone and you can earn a second chance at life. After dying for the first time, you will be dragged into the Gulag, a kind of prison where you must survive in a one-versus-one against another inmate with a random weapon. Killing your opponent will allow you to redeploy but without any loot or armor. You can join your squad on the map but must start from scratch.

How Do I Change/Loot Attachments?

You can easily find plenty of weapons on the map but majority of them will be stripped bare, meaning that they will be in their basic form.

Warzone offers no attachments for you to come across as separate pickups. The only way to find a scope or extended magazine, for example, is to find named weapons that feature a preset of different attachments. These can be looted from supply crates or gained as rewards for completing Contracts. They can also be looted from dead players if they were using them beforehand.

You can furthermore set multiple custom loadouts from the main menu of Warzone but they have to be purchased in-game. Find a Buy Station and unlock Loadout Drop Marker for $6000. You can then call in a care package that will contain the aforementioned custom loadouts. You can also access custom loadouts through care packages called in by other players.

Take note that the attachments on a weapon are fixed. They can neither be transferred to another weapon nor can they be replaced.

How Do I Ping?

In case you jumped into Warzone without first doing the tutorial, remember to use the default key — confirm from options — to ping points of interest on the map. Tap once to highlight loot and locations. Tap twice to highlight enemies or their suspected presence. Suffice to say, every Call of Duty multiplayer mode should come with a pinging system.

How Do I Fly/Glide Faster/Further?

Landing on the ground before any opponents is important because it allows you to find better gear and vantage points. Warzone has a little trick which can help you to not only drop faster but also cover more ground.

Start by jumping off the plane as close to your marked location as possible. Make sure to free-fall in a straight line towards your destination and then pull the parachute. Wait a second or two and then cut the parachute to start free-falling again. Doing so will push you a little further that can help in covering more ground. Pull the parachute again and either drop on the ground or cut the parachute for another boost.

How Do I Heal Myself?

There are no health packs in Warzone. You instead regenerate health automatically when out of combat. There are also armor plates that boost health from a flat 100 to a maximum 250. You can carry five armor plates in total but equip only three at a time.

How Do I Earn Killstreaks?

Call of Duty has always rewarded players for killing multiple enemies in a row with useful (and devastating) killstreaks. Warzone, however, functions a bit differently. You have to actually purchase killstreaks over here, meaning that killing three enemies in a row will not unlock any killstreak. Find a Buy Station and choose from various killstreaks like Cluster Strike, Precision Strike, and UAV. Considering how expensive they are, you can forget about purchasing all of them.

Why Does My ADS Feel Strange?

You can have two different mouse sensitivities in Warzone for aiming down the sight (ADS) and aiming from the hip. However, that is not advisable, specially for newcomers since they will need to learn to adapt. Make sure that your mouse sensitivity is consistent through and through.

Start by heading into options from the main menu and look under the keyboard-and-mouse tab. Find the ADS setting and set the value to Relative. This will ensure the same default mouse sensitivity when zoomed in.

What Are Gold and Pink Weapon Rarities?

Warzone has a simple color-coding system to highlight the rarity of a weapon. There are actually six rarities, not five as newcomers usually believe. Before explaining the last one, make sure to understand what each weapon rarity actually means on the map.

Common (White) weapons feature zero attachments. Uncommon (Green) weapons feature a single attachment. Rare (Blue) weapons feature three attachments. Epic (Purple) weapons feature four attachments. Legendary (Gold) weapons feature five attachments and are the best weapons to find in Warzone.

The last weapon rarity comes in Pink and are the weapons created by players themselves in their custom loadout menu. Hence, player-created weapons are what those players are comfortable with. They could be a worthy pick-up or not based on your own gameplay style and requirements. Hence, refrain from picking up every Pink weapon as if they are the best in the game.

Which Weapons Are The Best?

In all fairness, any weapon can be deadly in the right hands. That being said, there are some that are pretty handy to have in every situation. The M4A1 assault rifle, for example, is ready for anything at close to medium range and largely considered as the most reliable weapon in Warzone. When going full close-quarters, consider the MP5 submachine gun for its high firing rate. Coincidentally, both weapons have proven to be pretty popular in the Call of Duty franchise on a whole.

Which Areas Have The Best Loot?

While loot is random, some areas on the map have a high chance of having either the most amount of loot or the best rarity. Consider exploring areas like the Stadium, Hospital, Airport, Train Station, Downtown, TV Station and Military Base. However, take note that these same areas will most often prove to be hot zones as well, meaning that they are likely to have multiple enemies.

Can I Join Friends On Other Platforms?

Absolutely. Warzone features cross-platform support, meaning that you and your friends can play together regardless of the platform of choice. Your friend on PlayStation 4, for example, can invite you on PC to create a squad and queue together. The only thing required is the or Activision ID of the player.

How Do I Check My Stats?

The following third-party website tracks all players across all platforms in not only Warzone but also other recent Call of Duty releases. Just enter your username and platform to check your statistics. You will need to sign in first though.

How Do I Wear A Gas Mask?

The closing circle in Warzone is a poisonous gas cloud that deals considerable damage to all players caught within. The only way to protect yourself against the toxic fumes is to find a gas mask from supply crates or on the ground, or purchase one from a Buy Station.

Once in the inventory, gas masks will be equipped automatically and provide a few seconds of immunity when caught inside of the circle. In other words, there is no special button or key to manually pull the gas mask on your face.

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