Apple’s new iPhone 12 lineup Will Release Later This Year

Apple’s new iPhone line will release later this year in September. According to South Korean media reports, 700 South Korean engineers underwent the 14-day exemption period. The 14-day exemption law was due to the state of the epidemic in South Korea. However, Samsung’s application for an exemption helped the company go around it due to the preparation of Apple’s new iPhone 12 line up.

At present, 186 engineers have left South Korea and will land in Yuntun Vietnam. Upon arrival, they will directly head to the Bac Ninh province where Samsung’s Display OLED factory is located.┬áThis will all be in order to work on Apple’s new iPhone 12┬álineup which will release in September.

Though Samsung did manage to let its employees enter the country, they will live separately from factory workers. The rest of the 514 workers will also arrive in the coming weeks. Moving on to the product, rumors about Apple’s iPhone 12 line state that it will have many updates in regards to the design. We should be expecting 4 variants of the Apple device starting from a 5.4-inch all the way two 6.1-inch designs and a 6.7 inches.

The 6.7-inch model will fall in the higher end category while the smaller 6.1 and 5.4-inches will be lower-end phones. Two of the lower-end models will have the dual-lens feature on the back. While the higher end’s camera specs are yet to reveal.

Other rumors also suggest the iPhone 12 6.7-inches may be the largest Apple device yet. At least one of the Apple devices will feature a new design in terms of physical appearance. It may mirror the design of an iPhone 4 and will have a metal frame. The iPhone 4 was aesthetically pleasing to many users so this variant may be the most physically appealing out of the other three.

Though details regarding which device to feature the old design are yet to leak. However, from speculation, it may be the 5.7-inch version due to its being the smallest just like the iPhone 4.

These rumors also talk about a new navy blue finish in the new lineup. While the iPhone 11 pro introduced a midnight green variant, the navy blue variant is a safe assumption. More rumors about the Apple mobile device can be read here. With Vietnam’s considerate decision for allowing Samsung to enter the country boundaries, the iPhone will release in September this year. While the hype for Apple products is never less, we will witness the new iPhone 12 lineup in a matter of months