Here’s Workarounds To Two New Borderlands 3 Bugs On Steam

Borderlands 3 has released on Steam today, but it’s already having at least two issues alongside the ones that were first dealt with when it released back in September. However, workarounds for these Borderlands 3 bugs have been found. The two big issues appear to be downloads getting stuck, and switching languages.


The main issue that many people seem to be having for Borderlands 3 is that the game will install nearly all the way, but get stuck at a certain point, normally around 88 percent or when about eight gigabytes are left to install.

Once it hits that milestone, the game will switch over into “Unpacking” the rest of the game, which the same players have said normally takes many hours. However, other people on Steam have apparently realized exactly what the issue is.

In order to make your computer finish the download, you should go into the game’s Properties, click over to the DLC tab, and turn off the Moxxi DLC, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. While that DLC does give you a new mission, area, and a ton of weapons, you can always just download it later.

Switching Language Settings

The second of the Borderlands 3 bugs is being able to switch languages for the game, something that normally has to happen for international players that don’t or would prefer not to speak English. However, for some reason, the actual language-switching option for the game didn’t work.

Along with there being no option to change the game’s language in-game, some players have found that a similar solution to the unpacking issue, going into Properties and changing it that way, doesn’t work either. However, someone else has found a workaround for that, too.

While you do still have to go into the properties tab, from there you go into Launching Options, then you type “culture=en”, which should help you be able to change the languages properly.

There aren’t that many Borderlands 3 bugs that have been brought up for the Steam version of the game so far after so many were fixed at the game’s original release, but hopefully people can find more workarounds to any others that come up later.