Future Call Of Duty Lineup Leaked: F2P, Black Ops 5, Modern Warfare 2 Remastered

In all likelihood, the entire Call of Duty roadmap for the next couple of years at the very least has possibly been leaked online.

Taking to Twitter earlier in the week, well-known leaker TheGamingRevolution claimed that Activision has been working on multiple entries to the popular first-person shooter franchise. While rumors should never be taken seriously, the source in question has had a fairly accurate record with Call of Duty in the past that includes information revealed beforehand for the new Warzone mode as well.

Activision has already confirmed that a new Call of Duty installment will release at the end of 2020. That installment is apparently codenamed Project: Zeus, suggesting Treyarch to be bringing Black Ops 5 since a perk altar named Zeus was there in the zombie maps of Black Ops 4.

Also, Modern Warfare 2 is getting remastered next, which is unsurprising since related rumors have been circulating for years. The notion here is that Modern Warfare 2 Remastered will release alongside the new Call of Duty at the end of 2020, a bundling trend that Activision has already done in the past.

Finally, Sledgehammer Games is said to be working on a free-to-play Call of Duty installment that will release for consoles, PC, and mobiles somewhere in 2021. There has been no mention of another World War installment, which could still be in the pipelines unless the free-to-play Call of Duty installment is something Sledgehammer Games will be supporting for a long, long time.

It looks like a pretty crowded couple of years for Activision. Modern Warfare was only released last year and Warzone arriving just a couple of days back has already revitalized the community. More than 6 million players tried out the new battle royale mode at launch, making Warzone more popular than Apex Legends and Fortnite — at least for the launch period.

For those still unaware, Warzone is the previously rumored battle royale mode for Modern Warfare. There are two ways to gain access. Those who already own Modern Warfare have to simply update their client. Those still sitting on the fence about the latest Call of Duty installment can just download Warzone for free — without getting access to the main single-player and multiplayer of course.

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