Nintendo Switch Getting Its “Next Big Game” In 2020 Following Splatoon And Fortnite

The latest edition of Monthly CoroCoro Comic just teased a new action game for Nintendo Switch in 2020. This new action game will push the handheld console to its absolute limit.

These days, getting information about a new Switch game is scarce. However, CoroCoro Comic hinted that a new mystery game is in the works for Nintendo’s hand-held console.

The comic stated that the upcoming Switch title will be:

the creation of a super epic action game that follows Splatoon and Fortnite.

In addition to that, CoroCoro comic also suggests that the game will test the hardware capabilities of the Switch. This new game was dubbed as an ” action blockbuster” and will have “battles break out between skyscrapers in the middle of a peaceful city.”

These words indicate that this upcoming mystery title has a huge open-world environment. As of right now, it’s unclear which studio will helm this upcoming project.

The magazine shows a key visual feature for the game. This visual includes a young boy and an unknown monster standing in a city like New York. We have to remember that CoroCoro Comic is meant for children so having a young boy as a protagonist makes sense. A manga adaptation of the game is in the works as well.

This news is a breath of fresh air for Nintendo Switch fans. Nintendo has been focusing on Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the time being.

Apart from that and some Pokemon-related information, we know nothing about Switch’s 2020 lineup. Fans want to know what the future holds for the Nintendo Switch.

With the upcoming release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Nintendo is in danger of getting lost in the herd. However, rumors have suggested that Nintendo will have an indie games showcase next week followed by a Direct show.

Honestly, Nintendo needs all the attention it can get right now even if its through rumors. Hopefully, Nintendo sheds some light on this new blockbuster game along with other Nintendo Switch titles for 2020.