Nintendo Of America Teases Lego Super Mario, Says To Stay Tuned

Mario has gone through a lot of visual changes over the years, whether it’s the transition from 2D to 3D or turning into paper in the Paper Mario games. However, Nintendo of America recently teased Lego Super Mario on Twitter, though whether it’s a game or a collaboration remains to be seen.

Lego crossover games started out with the first Lego Star Wars game which came out back in 2005, covering the prequel trilogy of the Star Wars movies. Its success gave way to multiple sequels, along with more Lego crossovers with Harry Potter, the Marvel and DC universes, and more.

If a Lego Super Mario game is in fact coming, then it would definitely be a big change in the franchise, possibly as big as Nintendo and Ubisoft’s Mario and Rabbids crossover game several years ago. Defying all expectations that game got great reviews, so hopefully the Lego one can have a similar result.

While Nintendo of America hasn’t given out any other details about the game, or if it’s even a game at all, Mario has been doing well with its past few games, most recently Luigi’s Mansion 3, which came out last October to positive reviews and good sales.

A Lego Super Mario game would likely focus around the same sort of gameplay as the other games, being an adventure game that also revolves around the use of different characters to progress, smashing obstacles for Lego bits, and collecting pieces to build vehicles and other models in-game.

However, we’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo actually has planned for this new Super Mario game. Since E3’s been cancelled we likely won’t be seeing news of it there, but there’s always the possibility that a new Nintendo Direct will give us all the details. Either way, you can keep up either here or on Nintendo of America’s actual Twitter account for any future information.