FIFA 20 Update 1.17 (Title Update #13) Is Live, Fixes And Optimizations

FIFA 20 has received Update 1.17 (Title Update #13). You can now download this patch only on PC. Take note that this patch will release on a later stage for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You will find that FIFA 20 Update 1.17 (Title Update #13) has quite a few bug fixes and various optimizations. Something that stands out in this patch is that they added a numerical ping indicator measured in milliseconds to online match lobbies in modes that use data centers.

FIFA 20 is the latest edition of the sports saga of EA, and the 7th installment of the series in the console generation led by Xbox One and PS4, as well as Nintendo Switch. It is the most complete, ambitious and varied delivery of FIFA in the last decade, including groundbreaking modes such as VOLTA Football. Below you will find some key patch notes regarding FIFA 20 Update 1.17 (Title Update #13).

  • Gameplay: Players will no longer perform contextual grabbing animations while in a Jockey state.
  • Gameplay: Slightly increased precision of magnitude of analog stick inputs in online matches. This change is most noticeable when aiming a penalty kick during an online match.
  • Gameplay: Slightly reduced sprint sensitivity.
  • Gameplay: Following a Skill Move and while still in possession of the ball, players would sometimes perform a tackle instead of a requested shot.
  • Gameplay: Addressed rare instances in FIFA 20 of a ball boy taking a long time to return the ball for a throw in.
  • FUT: Added a numerical ping indicator measured in milliseconds to online match lobbies in modes that use data centers.
  • FUT: Added a Traits tab to the Player Details pop up, detailing all of the Traits that the selected Player Item has.
  • FUT: Level 30 Seasonal Objective Player Item rewards were incorrectly displaying an out of contracts icon, this was a visual issue only.
  • Career Mode: Some elements of the Premier League presentation package remained on screen during gameplay.
  • Career Mode: Removed out of place text on CONMEBOL related News stories.

Here you will find the complete list of FIFA 20 Update 1.17 (Title Update #13) patch notes. Don’t know what fixes and improvements were made in Update 1.16? Take a look here to see all the fixes. I remind you that FIFA 20 released on September 27, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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