Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Sales Top 2 Million Worldwide

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot has proven to be a runaway success for Bandai Namco, according to a recent tweet on its European Twitter account. According to the post, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot sales have topped 2 million units worldwide, and it’s only been around two months since the game actually released.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot (named for Goku’s original Saiyan name) is the latest video game in the Dragon Ball franchise, an action RPG that focuses on the entire series of Dragon Ball Z ranging from the Raditz saga to Majin Buu, allowing you to play with the major characters in a wide open world.

Along with the huge amount of content you can play through in the game, which alongside the story includes various sidequests, new fights, and learning new moves, it’s also likely that we’ll be getting DLC for the game that goes into Dragon Ball Super, such as the arrival of Beerus, Frieza’s resurrection, and more.

With all of this in mind it’s no wonder that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot sales are so high. While the franchise has always had popular games they’ve been less successful critically. This makes Kakarot all the more notable because the game has gotten fairly consistent reviews.

For instance, even though the game’s RPG angle, which revolves around grinding, constantly searching for orbs to level up your skills, and learning new moves, is less positively thought-of, the gameplay is always seen as top notch.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot sales are so good, in fact, that the game is only second to the latest Yakuza game, Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon. The game is also the third best-selling Dragon Ball game behind Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dragon Ball Z Budokai.

If you want to add to these sales yourself, you can buy the game on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, or PC now.